John Tenny for U.S. Senate


Office Sought:
U.S. Senator, State of Michigan

If we look back on the history of Michigan, we were the unquestioned leader in the world in regards to the auto industry.  Filling the world’s needs for cars, Michigan was able to establish and support world-class cities  as well as small country towns.  Michigan boasted large corporations and small family-like ‘Mom and Pop’ shops, but many have been forced to move or close down due to the government’s poor planning and decision-making.

While it is on the comeback trail, Detroit still suffers from high crime rates, with Flint, Saginaw, and Pontiac sadly close behind. What has happened?  Jobs have transferred to other countries, the cost of living has skyrocketed due to the drastic increase in healthcare costs and stagnant wages, and the education system has failed.  We have been silent for too long, allowing politicians to serve themselves instead of fixing these issues. While they are voted into office to serve those that elected them, too many politicians sit idly by while these problems persist.

The middle class is stuck paying for all of the government’s mistakes. We are working harder than ever before and not seeing any gain. We are making more money but taking less of it home.  If we stay at this pace the middle class will disappear, the state will turn in to a two-class society where you have the poor working for the rich. Freedom will be lost and the hope to improve anything will fade away. Looking back in history we are not the first country to succumb to this storm.

It is time to stand up and fix this beautiful state. It is time to restore the auto industry and undo all the bad deals that have weakened our freedoms.  If we make the state competitive in trade, lower taxes and fix the education system we can create a light at the end of the tunnel. Jobs will return and the middle class will grow strong again. Trade regulations and high taxes keep jobs away and push the cost of living too high. Coupled with a poor education system, our state has dwindled in many ways. It is time to act and fight for the freedoms we deserve.