John Tenny for U.S. Senate

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John Tenny’s Beliefs

I believe in The Constitution and The Bill of Rights and the freedoms that they bestow.

I believe murder, stealing and lying are wrong. I believe everyone should be treated fairly and equally with justice and rule of law but, also maintain a love for compassion.

John Tenny’s Views on Modern Topics

Health Care

Health Care needs to be split into two entities ‘Health Insurance‘ and ‘Health Care‘.

Health Insurance‘ will be insurance in case your health fails.

Health Care‘ will be care for chronic ailments.

It should not be mandatory for everyone to participate in a health plan and it should not be mandated by the government.

Health Insurance should be made competitive, to grow the insurance market. Having more competition drives prices down to have lower health insurance premiums/rates.

Tax Cuts

I believe that the entire nation needs to be cut from taxes.

The middle and lower-class citizens need relief from the heavy tax burden they are currently paying.

The businesses need relief from high tax brackets, to grow in America.

  • If it is more cost-effective for a business owner to pay taxes in a different country, then they will take their business outside the U.S.


The education standards should be raised for grades K through 12.

Our current education system is flawed. Our children are treated as a number with dollar signs attached. As the number of students increase, so does the school’s funding. This creates a mindset where many schools only care about students showing up on a daily basis, not what happens to them once they step through the door.

We need to pay our teachers a competitive salary.

We need to financially back our teachers by providing the school supplies needed to properly educate our children. The fact that many teachers in this area are forced to purchase the necessary items for students is outrageous.

We need to teach the next generation to become leaders and think for themselves.

If we are going to maintain the status of a world-leading power, we need to raise leaders not followers.

Separation between Church and State

Separation between Church and State

I believe if the state runs the church it will kill the church/religious organization.

I believe if the church runs the state it will kill the state.

A balance of the church following biblical teachings must coexist with the state’s law and order. One should not trump the other.


I believe our military is losing its credibility due to bad foreign policies.

I believe our military should not be a worldwide police force.

I believe that members of our military are incredibly underpaid and not respected overseas as well as here at home.


I believe that the men and women that serve in police forces across the state are underpaid. They should be paid a competitive salary.

I believe our support for the police is lacking.

It is a disgrace to our officers as well as our country, when a police officer has to work two full-time jobs just to maintain a family life. Additionally, the quality of work an officer can put out is lessened when they are forced to take on a second job.


I believe we need to have strong borders.

I have a fence around my house to define my lot, the country should be able to do the same.

If we cannot define where we live and who we are, then what are we?

Social Security

I believe Social Security needs to be managed responsibly.

Social Security was not intended to be a relief fund for the government’s mistakes.

I believe since it is funded by the people it should be there for the very people that bought in.


Welfare should be for those that absolutely need it.

I personally believe those who are able to work, but do not, should not reap the benefits of welfare.

If you are unable to work and you need assistance it should absolutely be there for you.

If we cannot help out those in our country that need it the most what kind of country are we?

Auto Industry

I believe the government shouldn’t tell the auto industry how to make cars.

If consumers want a car made a certain way then it should be open for them to contact the auto industry.

The Government is wasting our tax dollars by acting as a middleman with the auto industry.

I believe we need to fix the trade policies to bring back the American auto industry.

Detroit started out as the ‘Home of the Auto Industry’ and I believe it needs to be that way again.