John Tenny for U.S. Senate

Meet John

John Tenny

My name is John Tenny, a lifelong Michigander who is looking to represent you in the U.S. Senate. I am a son, a father, and a brother. I’ve learned the joys of new life and the sorrows of death and heartbreak. I believe this area to be a great place to live and raise a family. The longer I’ve lived in this great state the more I’ve learned to appreciate it. Whether it is riding my motorcycle through the scenic highways up north, volunteering my time as a coach at one of the many bowling alleys we enjoy, or meeting some of the great residents, this is a state I would be honored to represent.

I was born and raised in Pontiac, Michigan.  I attended both Pontiac Northern and Walled Lake High, graduating in 2007. I learned that a strong work ethic is necessary to succeed, so I diligently studied to obtain a mechanic’s license.

I strongly believe in putting in a solid day’s work. At the age of six, I began delivering newspapers. I’ve bussed tables, managed pet stores, and worked midnight shifts as a security guard.  I currently work as a dynamometer technician making sure I can provide for myself and my family. Through all of this, God has developed a great deal of character and wisdom in my life.

I got married for the first time at the age of 19, being blessed with three amazing children. Bella, Vanessa and Samuel are the true joys of my life, a trio of responsible, smart, and loving kids. In 2014, my life took a tragic turn.  My wife wanted a divorce but felt that she did not have the grounds to do so because of the religious views of her family. She chose to falsely accuse me of molesting my middle child. This devastating charge was completely unfounded and despicable, forcing me to try and clear my name of these false charges. My children were taken away from me and brainwashed to go against me. Through it all, I maintained my innocence and was found not guilty in 2016. I hold no ill-will or bitterness towards my ex-wife, but I did struggle with the pain of the whole experience for years. I am hoping for a peaceable resolution with her and have learned to trust God to always defend me.

This experience has given me a true second chance in life. Despite only seeing my children only a handful of times over the past three years, I am slowly getting the opportunity to build a relationship with them. I am recently engaged to a wonderful woman who has helped me to once again build trust in someone. I know that God has richly blessed me, carrying me through a very dark period. During this ordeal he was my foundation and gave me courage to stand against any and all adversity.

I am a typical middle class worker that lives from paycheck to paycheck. I promise to fight for my fellow man and am drawn into representing people like myself because of the problems we see everyday in politics. Corruption, indecisiveness, and division are prevalent amongst those that represent us and I cannot simply sit idly by and watch it happen. I believe that I can step up and truly make a difference. I want to help heal a nation that we can all be proud of, fighting for a place that our children can enjoy for years to come. I love this country and despite seeing it in crisis I feel like I can make a difference.